Unusual Items That Can Be Used To Make Temporary Car Repairs

A functional vehicle makes it possible for you to travel from one place to another. Although vehicles are designed to be as reliable as possible, the mechanical components powering your car could malfunction over time. Discovering that your car is misbehaving while you are away from home can be distressing.

Finding simple ways to address minor car problems until you can find your way to a reputable mechanic is important. Here are three unusual items that you can easily locate and use to make temporary car repairs in the future.

1. Egg Yolks

A quick trip to the grocery store could provide you with access to something that can be used to address small radiator leaks in your car. Radiator leaks can cause your vehicle's cooling system to malfunction, resulting in the overheating of your car's engine.

Pinhole leaks can easily be repaired on a temporary basis by using a few egg yolks. Adding the egg yolks directly into your radiator and then running your car normally will cause the yolks to travel through your cooling system. The yolks will conceal and plug up any small leaks temporarily, allowing you time to travel to a mechanic.

2. Pantyhose

Your vehicle relies on a series of belts to help operate the mechanical systems under its hood. These belts are made from durable rubber materials that can begin to deteriorate over time. If a belt snaps while you are driving, your vehicle could be rendered inoperable.

Keeping a pair of pantyhose in your car will provide you with access to an unusual item that can be used to create a makeshift belt in an emergency situation. Tying the legs of the pantyhose together to create a circle, then replacing a broken belt with the pantyhose will buy you enough time to safely drive your vehicle to a mechanic shop.

3. Stickers

If you take a look under the hood of your car, you will see a number of rubber hoses. These hoses help to transport vital liquids throughout your vehicle's mechanical systems.

Leaks in these hoses could be devastating, so it's important that you are prepared to address a leaking hose at all times. Keeping a few stickers in your car will give you access to makeshift patches that can be placed over small leaks to keep hoses functioning properly until the faulty hoses can be replaced by a mechanic.

Being able to use egg yolks, pantyhose, and stickers to make car repairs will give you the ability to temporarily fix your vehicle so that you can drive it to a reputable mechanic in the future.