Pros & Cons Of Alloy Wheels Compared To Steel Wheels

When it comes to buying racing wheels for your vehicle, there is much to be considered. However, deciding between steel and alloy wheels is going to be one of your biggest choices. Take a look at the pros and cons of alloy wheels over steel to help you decide. 

Pro: Alloy wheels can be found in a broader range of styles than steel. 

Alloy is one of the more workable materials when compared to steel. The material holds up well with a painted finish, does good with texturing, and even holds cuts and ridges in a nice way. Therefore, one of the biggest advantages you get with alloy racing wheels over steel wheels right off the bat is the fact that you get access to a wider range of options. If you want wheels that have painted details, intricate cuts, and more, alloy will be the way to go. 

Con: Alloy is not as resilient as steel in harsh environments. 

Alloy is pretty awesome in a lot of ways, but one thing that it can not beat steel on is durability. If you get a set of alloy wheels, you should know that these wheels are going to be best suited for the racetrack, and probably not so much the open road. The metal alloy tends to be easier to crack and ding than steel. 

Pro: Alloy wheels are lighter weight than steel. 

One of the primary reasons that a lot of racers like alloy wheels is the fact that they tend to weigh less than their steel counterparts. If you are worried about adding extra weight to the tires or lower chassis, alloy is going to be the better choice. Fuel economy can also be enhanced with alloy wheels, specifically because they are lightweight and require less power per tire rotation than what steel would. 

Con: Most alloy wheels are going to be more costly than steel wheels. 

Alloy wheels do usually come at a higher cost than steel, because the metal alloys used to make these wheels is higher priced. For instance, if you find a set of Moto metal wheels that are made out of aluminum, that is likely going to be more expensive than a set of wheels by the same manufacturer that is made out of steel. Even though the cost is a little higher, alloy wheels give back to their owners in fuel economy and performance, so as a racer, they are well worth the cost.