Building A Low-Rider? Three Things You Should Know About Custom Tires First

A major part of the Latino and Hispanic cultures rides with their cars. They love their low-riders, and they work really hard to custom-make many of these cars. Of course, that does not exclude anyone else from making a low-rider, if you so desire. Part of what appeals to people about these cars is their low-riding profile, synonymous with "cruising" down the main drag of any town. To get that low, you need specially sized tires, but here are a few things you should know about custom tires first:

You Need Custom Wheels/Hubs

One does not simply buy custom tires and put them on a car. No, you need custom wheels and hubs for these tires. Trying to get as low to the ground as possible is not possible if you put tiny front tires on a standard-sized set of wheels and hubs. You will have to request custom wheels and hubs to go with your tires or have the custom tire people design little tires to fit standard hubs and wheels. The latter, however, is not recommended as it still will not bring your car low to the ground.

You Will Have to Build a Custom Drive Train

When you drop a car low enough to the ground to gain low-rider status, you need an entirely different drivetrain. The knuckles of most drive trains are able to pivot and turn as they do because they are large and have plenty of clearance between the ground and the bottoms of the cars. Dropping a car low removes that comfortable clearance for turning the wheel, and controlling the drive train. That means that if you get custom tires to drop the car, you will also need a rebuilt drive train to accompany the tires and the custom wheels and hubs.

Custom Tires Are Always Wider

To support the weight of most vehicles, custom tires that are made low and small have to be made wider. Of course, if you are going for a dirt racer or street racer in your low-rider than the fat, wide tires look really great. Just make sure your wheel wells can cover at least half of the treads on each tire so that the car can get a good grip on the road and it does not spin too much rock, dirt, mud, and/or gravel back at your windshield while you are driving down the street.

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